Teenage questions


Teenage Questions

How to tell when drinking is becoming a problem.  A simple 12-question quiz to help you decide.

If you answered yes to one of these questions, then you should take a serious look at your drinking.

1 // Do you drink to relax when you have problems?

2 // Do you drink when you get irritated, frustrated, unhappy, or angry?

3 // Do you prefer to drink alone?

4 // Are your grades slipping? Are you having trouble at work?

5 // Do you ever try to stop drinking, or drink less, and fail?

6 // Do you take drinks in the morning?

7 // Do you guzzle your drinks?

8 // Have you ever forgotten what happened when you were drinking?

9 // Do you ever lie about your drinking?

10 // Do you ever get in trouble when you drink?

11 // Do you get drunk when you drink, even though you don't want to?

12 // Do you think it is cool to be able to drink a lot?

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